3D without Glasses or Accessories. InnovaScope3Dm

I had the pleasure of attending some demos of two prototypes manufactured by an enterprising company based in Malaga. They basically have managed to reproduce 3D multimedia content without any additional accessories; no anymore uncomfortable glasses are needed. I have known the project from the inside, I have met the team, and I only have words of praise for what I consider a great technological advance in its sector.


The prototypes, based in to two international patents, achieve a large number of applications. The most relevant applications are a 3D TV, and a 3D cinema; both of them without any glasses or accessories. Another important application, with a big scope, is the denominated 2+Screen. With this technology, two different images can be displayed in the same screen at the same time. Some examples:

  • Home TV sets: with different viewers watching different channels on the same TV at the same time.
  • Devices mounted in private vehicles: the driver can see GPS or vehicle control data, while the passengers can use the same device to watch multimedia content.
  • Devices mounted in public transport: the number of multimedia devices required, their weight and their consumption, is drastically reduced. For example, in civil aviation, a single 2+Screen properly installed will enable all three occupants of a row of seats to watch three different channels at the same time.
  • Video games: on-site multi-player video games can be played in full-screen mode by each player, with no need to split the screen into different areas for each user.
  • Security: Using a cash-machine, only the person just in front of the screen can see all info about his account, If there is somebody close by, he will only see some marketing news of the bank, or a blank screen, or any other video in 2D or 3D; everything at the same time.

Feel free to have a look:  http://www.innovascope3dm.es/en/

3D is Dead, Long Live 3D!

 Pedro Mera



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